Positive Approach® to Care Mentor

Certified Independent Mentor, Consultant, Trainer, Coach & Engagement Leader

Teepa Snow is a leading trainer and consultant, providing support and care that places the person living with dementia in a pivotal role when determining what is needed.

Positive Approach® to Care is changing how many view neurodegenerative conditions and dementias and how care is delivered.
PAC™ is gaining momentum in the UK.

As a PAC™ Certified Practitioner, I share the PAC™ mission to use our talents and abilities to develop awareness, spread knowledge, and teach skills to transform what exists into a more positive dementia care culture"

As a  Trainer,  I can provide learners with new awareness and knowledge with includes introducing skills.

As a Coach,  I build new knowledge and skills into habits for competence and intergrated practice.

As a Consultant, I use curiosity, not assumptions, about a situation involving dementia and support problem solving and as an Engagement Leader I support meaningful occupation and activity
PAC™ Certified Coach
PAC™ Independent Consultant
PAC™ Engagement Leader
PAC™ Certified Trainer

Cofio /\ Remember

Cofio Dementia Training

Helen Lambert, spent over 30 years as an Occupational Therapist. As the forefront of Cofio and renown trainer, she has impressed by Teepa Snow for years and is proud to represent PAC™ as one of 3 UK based Mentors. She supports learners in person & in a virtual world to develop competencies, whilst developing additional skills herself through the Covid Pandemic

Helen has always believed in this more interactive form of care.

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